Can Cross Trainer Give A Complete Body Workout?

An Elliptical cross trainer is a stationery exercise equipment that combines stair climbing, jogging and biking into one exercise where the machine forces your legs to go round in an oval pattern hence the term elliptical. Unlike the above activities individually a cross trainer reduces excessive pressure to the joints because your limbs are in permanent contact with the machine therefore decreasing impact injuries even on your back This feature makes elliptical trainer the best training equipment not just for normal people but also for people with arthritis and aching joints.

How to do Complete Body Workout with a Cross Trainer?

Most cross trainers’ work the user’s lower and upper body together. The user stands in a way that aligns their knees, hips and ankles straight hence his weight is distributed evenly through the body while moving in a rotation movement. The dual handle bars in a cross trainer ensure that the upper body is exercised as well.

Here are some of The Different Forms of Exercises Possible on a Cross Trainer: -

  • Increasing Resistance - Every cross trainer has a resistance button usually with a plus and a minus sign. Adding resistance with the plus sign works out the whole body.
  • Interval training - is a quick way to exercise your chest area. The idea here is to repeat short high intensity phases with exchange of fast and slow.
  • Drop your arms - By letting go of the handles, the abdominal muscles and the lower back are forced to hold the body in balance. This exercise is good for people dealing with lower backache.
  • Pedal backwards – If you pedal backwards and every now and then you squat a bit as you are peddling, your thighs are exercised and toned tremendously.
  • Push and pull on the handlebars - without peddling and keep your back straight. This exercise will tone your shoulders, arms and upper back.

Benefits of Exercising on an Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • elliptical cross trainer offers a couple of exercises together without the wear and tear to the joints.
  • Though it’s low impact fitness equipment, it burns more calories than jogging or using a treadmill.
  • A cross trainer exercises the whole body by the use of increased resistance and the handle bars.
  • Safety is guaranteed in a cross trainer because it stops when you stop.
  • An elliptical machine uses very little electricity hence its economical and easy to use.
  • One is able to control and monitor their heart rate in a cross trainer. Cross trainer exercises will strengthen your heart and lungs.
  • Due to its low impact features, old people and those with arthritis can be able to use and benefit from it.


A cross trainer is a must have exercise equipment in any gym and if you can afford one its good to have it at home for your family. It is cheaper and beneficial to have this fitness equipment in the house as you can do your workouts while watching television or spending time with your family and it will keep your whole family active, young and healthy.

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