Boost your cardio fitness levels with Rowing Machine

Rowing MachineRecently several people perform various cardio exercises as they provide numerous benefits that include better functioning of the heart and lungs, increased stamina, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Cardio training basically involves a continuous movement and utilizes the large muscle groups. As a result a person needs to supply relatively more amount of blood and oxygen, through their heart and lungs. Hence many types of cardio equipments such as the rowing machine are widely used to achieve general as well as specific training benefits.

A rowing machine actually imitates the rowing action on water, which involves the whole body. You need to first sit on a sliding padded seat and keep your feet against a platform. Then you should hold the handles with both the hands, and just push yourself back with your legs and also pull the handle. The movement of the upper body replicates the act of moving an oar against the resistance of water. Whereas the lower body movement includes bending and straightening your knees simultaneously.


Nowadays a rowing machine or rower is commonly used to do cardio exercises. It helps to perform an aerobic workout that is highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Hence, you can boost your cardio fitness levels with a rowing machine.

This equipment is also effective for training the complete body, as it incorporates all the major muscle groups such as the arms, legs, butts, back, abdominals and the thighs. Once the muscles are toned, the body increases its metabolism and thus it helps to burn more fat. Therefore, one of the main advantages of using a rower is losing body weight.

The rowing movement of this cardio machine is exactly like a real boat. And the muscles that are toned with the rower also include the chest, shoulders, biceps, abs, quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus. The act of rowing also assists to shape the inner and outer thighs. Moreover, the core muscles are especially targeted while rowing. Hence as the whole body works intensely while using a rowing machine, it results in burning more calories.

Further the rowing machine is also very effective in reducing weight as it utilizes the larger muscles of upper and lower body. In fact, it is highly preferred by many individuals as they cannot gain body weight easily. Besides the cardio benefits, rowing also builds your legs and arms. However, it causes stress on the legs and thigh muscles. Hence it is recommended to only exercise thrice a week for relaxing the muscles.

You can adjust the force of the rowing machine for making it hard or easy. These settings can thereby increase or decrease the resistance on the muscles. Higher settings will thus lead to muscle gains for all the targeted muscle groups. Actually rowing is one of the few aerobic activities that also strengthen the back. Therefore rowing provides both aerobic conditioning and strength conditioning. Moreover the exercises done on a rower involves a smooth, rhythmic movement which is impact-free as well as risk-free.

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