BodySolid Smith Machine – A Perfect Choice for Home Gym

Nowadays, both men and women in all parts of the world have become health conscious, and hence they perform various exercises depending on their fitness levels, to maintain good health. People use a variety of Body Solid fitness equipments including the Smith machine, either in their home gym or at the local gym; to achieve their health goals.

Safety is the basic element of any workout program. The Smith machine is one of the most innovative exercising machines; that includes a safe weight lifting technique. It can be used for performing squats, military presses, bench presses, overhead lifts and other workouts. This versatile fitness equipment is basically an upgraded version of the standard power rack. It usually comprises of a vertical rack that enables you to lift up and lower down a barbell between two guiding vertical stands. The upright frame has a series of slots to keep the barbell during or after repetitions.

The Body Solid Smith machine is regarded as a multi purpose home workout system, as it ensures to fulfill all the fitness objectives of the home gym fans. This Body Solid gym equipment is safe as well as effective in home weight lifting programs. The advantage of using the Smith machine is that people who perform the squat or bench press using heavy weights; can themselves place the barbell on the slots. Thus it helps to avoid twisting your body awkwardly in order to rest the weights on the support. You no longer require a spotter and also need not worry about balancing yourself.

A Smith machine includes railing on the side walls of the rack, to place the Olympic bar. Hence, you can also workout with Olympic weights in your home gym. The two hooks in the bar fit inside the railing. You can catch the Olympic bar on one of the metal slots inside the railing; by just turning your wrists. This self spotting mechanism is totally safe and especially helpful, while you are exercising in your home gym; since you may not have a spotter to help you during a tiring workout.

Moreover, several bodybuilders and sports persons consider the Smith machine as an ideal tool to do the squats; as it enables the exerciser to keep their feet much further without losing their balance. The rails help to maintain your body position and tone the thighs, without falling backwards. Hence, this type of workout is highly suitable for lower weight loads and higher repetitions. A high repetition exercise is a core body building routine; that helps to develop your muscles and shape your body. It is also better than power lifting, which involves lower repetitions and heavier weight loads.

BodySolid is a highly reputed brand name that supplies numerous types of gym equipments. The BodySolid Smith machine is the perfect choice for your home gym; since it provides a full body workout and hence you can avoid buying different kinds of fitness equipments to exercise at home. It is available at affordable prices, and includes a comprehensive, long term warranty.

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