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In modern times, we are living in a new environment and changing way of life. Gone are the days when our forefathers lived in open spaces. Industrial revolution and the rapid advances in the mechanization of daily activities in our daily living have quickly changed our mode of living. The good old days of doing hard work physically have gone because advancements in technology have reduced the activity of a large number of muscles in our body. Our civilization has become a push button civilization in which most of our work is done by pushing a button. We have become a sitting race. The question being raised today is….how long we can continue to do so, and remain healthy, happy and sane. The fast pace of life, monotonous work in the factories and also on computers, breaking of life’s natural rhythm by night shifts, irregular eating habits and consumption of unhealthy diet, disturbance to the nervous system excessive noise and pollution and socio-economic pressures of competitive life are all leading to deterioration in health. This deterioration in physical and mental states is leading to increased cases of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, peptic ulcers, headaches and many more complications. It is high time to pay serious attention towards addressing these hazards to our health and fitness and well-being.

Individual health is affected due to obesity….both physiologically and psychologically. Medical data and research proves that obesity is the main cause or risk factor for certain health disorders. Psychologically obesity can have serious effects on one’s social and personal life because an obese person has to bear unpleasant adjectives that can affect his behaviour and personality. An obese person has difficulty with adjusting with other healthy and fit persons and therefore may develop strained relations with them. An obese person may also develop the habit of remaining aloof, low self-esteem and depression. Obesity though not a disease in itself is a major cause of many serious diseases. Therefore every effort should be made to avoid or reduce obesity.  Lack of properly channelled physical activity also contributes to stress and hypertension. Physical activities and exercises must be encouraged at all levels of school and college education, and also in communities through clubs and other institutions.

Bodysolid fitness equipment is designed scientifically and with utmost care. The designs are so created to enhance strength and stability. They are ergonomically designed and are extremely user-friendly. Its shape and each feature makes you feel natural and perfect. They are so designed to make you feel safe and secure while exercising with them. They are durable and shock resistant, giving you a peaceful and stress free workout. They ensure total support for your workouts and are sophisticated. It offers a broad range of home gym & commercial gym equipments to suit the diverse needs of the users. There are lots of varieties to choose from as per your individual needs, and in the gyms…be it for a beginner or for an experienced gym member. It is designed to suit all levels of fitness, age and gender.

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Jigney Bhachech

This post has been written by Jigney Bhachech for Worldfitness – an online store of gym equipments and fitness equipments based in Australia. Here, you will find various home gym equipments as well as commercial grade gym equipments of highest standards and quality.

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