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A Kettlebell just looks like shot put ball with a curvilinear handle. This fitness equipment was invented by Russians and since few years, its popularity has increased a lot. Many people consider kettlebells very important for their home gym or commercial gym. A BodySolid Kettlebell is designed in such a way that its weight forces the entire body to move. Thus, this versatile gym equipment is just great for a full body workout. Kettlebells are now considered as a quick way of losing weight and body building. Moreover, kettlebells are so compact, that they can be stored anywhere when not in use. Below mentioned are the reasons which have forced health conscious people to use kettlebells for an extremely effective workout:-

  • A great workout in a short period of time is provided by kettlebells because a 20 minutes workout burns as many calories as running a mile in 6 minutes does. Short workouts but intense workouts can be done with the help of kettlebells ultimately giving great results.
  • Kettlebells give the benefit of cardio workouts, body building workouts and strength training enabling you to perform different types of workouts with single gym equipment.
  • The best thing about kettlebells is that they can be transported anywhere. So, even if you are on holidays, you can continue with your workout routine.
  • Kettlebell workout can strengthen joints, improve stamina and can also help you in losing your weight as well as extra inches from your abdomen.
  • Kettlebells involve the entire body at the time of workout because of the swinging movements which makes them better than any other traditional weights.
  • Kettlebell exercises help to overcome back pains and shoulder pains and also corrects muscle imbalances resulting to strengthening of muscles.
  • This gym equipment is affordable and low priced than other weights or your gym membership fees.

Due to these reasons, the popularity of kettlebells is increasing day by day and even the famous athletes and professional body builders are using kettlebells to improve their performance. If you are impressed with the benefits of kettlebell workouts and would like to own them, then first you need to have the information about various types of kettlebells which is given below:-

Types of Kettlebells

Basically, there are two types of kettlebells, classic style kettlebells and pro style kettlebells. The classic style kettlebells are smaller in size for lighter weights, but as the weight increases, the size also increases. This is not the case with pro style kettlebells, as the size is the same for all weights. Classic kettlebells are made of iron whereas, pro style kettlebells are made of steel due to which pro style kettlebells are more durable than classic kettlebells. The handle on pro grade kettlebell is smaller in size but remains the same for all the different weights. But, in classic kettlebell, as the weight increases, the size of the handle also increases. When you hold pro grade kettlebell, it remains in the same position of your forearm, no matter what weight it is. In classic kettlebell, this is not the case, as the weight increases, the way of holding and exercising technique changes. Most of the people prefer pro grade kettlebells because of its durability and convenience of holding. A pro grade kettlebell gives a better feel to the hands and forearm at the time of exercising. Now, when you know the different types of kettlebells, you can choose the one which suits to your preferences. But, before that there are various factors to be considered while selecting the right kettlebell according to your fitness level which are given below:-

Factors to be Considered While Selecting Kettlebells

  • If you are new to kettlebells, first perform kettlebell workout under the supervision of an expert fitness coach. Consultation with the fitness coach is very much important before selecting the right kettlebell which can help you in achieving your fitness goals.
  • You need to choose the weight of the kettlebells according to your weight, height and fitness level. This is very much important, as you may get injured if you choose a very heavy kettlebell beyond your capacity.
  • Body Solid kettlebells are available weighting from 5 lb to 75 lbs. Select the set of kettlebells depending on the intensity of your workout.

People who have benefitted from kettlebell workouts in their routine truly understand the value of kettlebells and so whether you have a home gym or a commercial gym, it is just incomplete without kettlebells. Just go through a wide range of kettlebells available at the best online store of gym equipment like and select the set of kettlebells at an affordable price.

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