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Health is the greatest blessing in life. Health is not only wealth but everything. You can enjoy life only if you are healthy. An unhealthy person cannot taste dainty dishes. He would feel lazy to move for recreation. He may have the choicest things but cannot enjoy anything. He loses mental peace. A sound mind can live only in a sound body. Body is the temple of God. A poor man with a sound health is better than a rich person with ill-health. We must be careful to maintain good health and fitness.

Although the World Health Organization lays stress on “health for all’, yet it has not been able to make most people health conscious. It is the foremost duty of every individual to keep him or her in best of health. Physical exercise influences an individual’s life physically and mentally. Regular exercising brings about total change in personality to its fullness and perfection in mind, body and spirit. People who exercise regularly lead themselves to a happy and a prosperous life. It ensures a wholesome development in an individual. Regular exercise ensures good health plus worthy use of leisure time. It also promotes organic, neuro-muscular, developmental and social aspects of health. If our systems remain in sound health they can perform their functions efficiently.  Modern world is full of health hazards and besides, everything is mechanized. Manual labour is being discarded. At this juncture, there is a great need for physical exercise with fitness equipment like spin bike, elliptical trainer, cross trainer, treadmills, kettlebells, rowing machine, exercise bikes etc. It is a well-known fact that so many people nowadays remain under anxiety, stress and tension which ultimately lead to depression. In such a state a person cannot live a normal life. We are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Due to this, we are falling prey to high cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure and obesity etc. If we want to remain healthy we will have to adopt regular exercise routine.

Regular exercise at home gym with fitness equipments like exercise bikes, spin bike, elliptical trainer, cross trainer, rowing machine etc, makes our mind alert. It ensures proper utilization of leisure time which aids in relaxation, beating stress and tension. To have aesthetic sense is necessary for an individual. He must appreciate beauty. Through regular exercise, the human body can be developed in good proportion. It is the main source to have a beautiful body.  A beautiful body is appreciated everywhere. Physical exercise overcomes stress, tension, sensitiveness and withdrawing attitudes of an individual and controls aggression. Obesity increases by consuming more calories in food combined with lack of physical exercise. Generally, it is seen that obese people fall prey to various ailments such as heart ailments, arthritis etc. Regular physical exercise controls obesity. It is also said that physical exercise adds years to a person’s life.

In fact, regular exercise with exercise equipments is one of the most important factors in promoting health and longevity of the people. It helps people to remain fit, and develop their spiritual and moral forces. It increases scope of human abilities, enriches the life of an individual and that of the society as a whole.

Health and cheerfulness are the two great blessings of life.

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