Best Exercises for Beginners to Work Out on a Rowing Machine

Light Rowing MachineThe rowing machine is a low impact exercise machine which simulates the action of rowing a real boat. They help to reduce the fat deposited on the upper and lower body, increase the heart rate, enhance the cardiovascular system; and also tone the whole body. The latest models of rowing machine produce the effect of rowing an actual boat by using water filled flywheel tanks. Rowing machines can be set at different resistance levels in order to increase the intensity as required. The muscle groups that are trained depend on the type of stroke used. For example, you can execute a narrow grip stroke by holding the handles near the center of the rower, and thereby target the abs, thighs and gluteus. While a wide grip stroke is done by holding the handles at the outer edges of the rower, and thus target the latissimus dorsi, deltoids, and chest muscles. It enables you to perform calorie burning workouts, and offers various levels of impact on the joints and muscles, to produce different levels of exertion. Hence beginners and experienced persons can work at their own speed.

Rowing Machine 

Rowing is basically an aerobic exercise. However, it is necessary to maintain the correctwater Rowing Machine form on a rowing machine. Hence you should start your stroke by first sliding the seat forwards and keep your knees bent. Then, push yourself backwards with your feet, till your knees are nearly straight and the spine is vertical. Then pull the rower towards your body, without using your lower back muscles. Moreover, you can either focus on building your muscles or burning calories; simply by adjusting the resistance on the rowing machine. This equipment provides a full body workout because it involves the major muscle groups; especially the core muscles including the arms, legs, butts, back, etc. Further, when the muscles get toned, the body metabolism increases, and it is able to burn more fats and calories. Hence, the main benefit is that this machine enables you to lose weight through a powerful aerobic workout.


old rowerUsers of the rowing machine or rower do not gain body weight easily. Hence it is a very effective exercise. For instance a 155 lbs. user will burn 500 calories per hour by rowing at a moderate pace. While rowing at a fast speed will burn 600 calories per hour. So, in order to lose one pound of fat, you will have to burn 3500 calories. And if the body only burns 100 calories during each workout, it will take almost a month. Hence the longer you exercise the more calories you will burn. However as rowing may stress your legs and thigh muscles, it is recommended to only workout thrice a week for resting the muscles. The rowing machine actually provides a low impact, comprehensive training. Moreover, it is very simple to do a workout on a rowing machine. Hence it is the best exercise for beginners. Anyway first time users should consult an expert before starting an exercise program.

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