Benefits of Gym – Advantage of Commercial Gym, Advantage of Home Gym

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of gym equipment: commercial gym equipment and home gym equipment. Commercial gym equipment is designed with sturdiness in mind. Obviously so as there will be so many people using it each day and thus it is designed to withstand the wear and tear. Commercial gym equipment has to go through long hours of use throughout the day and thus may be more expensive and a higher quality too.

Home gyms have become very popular these days. Having a home gym makes it convenient to work out whenever you want, however you want and saves your time and energy of going to a gym. And of course, whatever the weather, you don’t have to step outside to go to the gym! For lazybones who does not want to step out of their homes to go to a gym, home gym is the answer! And you can also style it your own way. If you have an extra room at home…make it into your very own personal gym. Unused basements and garages also make good places for setting up home gyms. Imagine the freedom and comfort of working out at home!

Home gym equipment, as the name suggests, is designed for use at home. Naturally it is not so designed as sturdy as its commercial counterpart as it does not have to withstand multiple users also catering to different budget specifications as per the individual requirements. Exercising at home may not be a new concept but, today, exercise equipment for home gym has become more accessible, attractive and affordable.

Advantage of Home Gym:
You can work out any time of the day or night.
You save time. No traveling to a gym. No waiting for the equipment at Gym.
You can concentrate better, with no distractions.
The whole family (and friends) can get involved.

Advantage of Commercial Gym:
A lot more fitness equipment on the other hand is available at a commercial gym.
You will stay motivated when you see others working out around you.
Gym is an opportunity to diversify your exercise program.

Exercise is the best natural remedy for a broad spectrum of illnesses, from life threatening disorders such as arthritis, depression to everyday problems such as stress, lack of energy and weight gain. Good quality gym equipments like exercise bikes, rowing machine, cross trainer, elliptical trainer, boxing equipment, treadmills etc., combined with proper routine and programs, can help you with joint and back pain, calming your mind, making a healthier heart and stronger muscles, keeping you trim, and slowing the aging process. Exercising at a gym can provide relaxed social interaction and encouragement. Working out with others relieves the feeling of isolation and stress. Enjoyment, laughter and exercise are proven stress busters!

Gym equipment which provides stretching, moving and lifting provide immediate relief from the physical symptoms of stress in several ways, and relaxation gained through exercise lasts many hours after the workout session. People who exercise regularly are more able to relax under pressure. Exercise should, above all, be fun!

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