Benefits of Exercising Using BodySolid Functional Trainers

Many people perform conventional exercises that usually target the specific muscles. However, recently there is trend to perform functional training, as it targets more than one body part with each movement or exercise. It basically trains your body to easily perform the daily activities of life such as walking, bending, lifting, and other sports activities.

Moreover, people now prefer to use various models of BodySolid Functional Trainers as they are precisely designed to enhance our balance, flexibility, posture, stability, and muscular strength. The BodySolid GDCC200 Functional Training Centre; is very popular due to its exceptional durability and high functionality. This top quality machine enables you to do multiple workouts; and achieve the best possible benefits in minimum duration.

The unique feature of this compact GDCC200 model is that it is a great space saver. Hence you can simply use this machine in a small room of your gym. It even has the capability to do numerous types of movements. Another outstanding attribute is the dual independent weight stack system; that helps to execute precise isolateral movements also with extreme resistance. You can thus carry out a variety of effective workouts that concentrates on core stability training; and hence improve your body balance, stamina, and agility.

Other benefits of exercising using Body Solid Functional Trainers are described below. The ergonomic design of this Body Solid exercise equipment provides several and unlimited planes of motion, that closely resemble our natural body movements. This robust gym equipment also includes a pair of cable handles that can be adjusted to perform innumerable exercise movements. It is therefore regarded as an ideal exercising equipment to improve body endurance and strength. You can use it for doing various exercises such as kickbacks, cable crossovers, shoulder presses, and pull-ups.

This highly effective machine is built using the best quality components to perform multiple movements and intense workouts. It includes a robust vertical carriage system; as well as very strong and durable fibreglass nylon pulleys, along with universal locking, hook-up connections. It has a sturdy frame that is manufactured from superior grade steel tubing that is externally coated with an industrial powder. The 4.8 mm diameter cables are made from aircraft quality spun steel, in order to withstand constant and rough utilization for many years.

Further you can adjust the machine at 20 different heights. Also the cable can be positioned at 180-degrees to provide frictionless resistance in all the directions. It even includes two stacks that weigh 73 kg, and a dual position pull-up bar. You can perform many exercises; such as shoulder press, cable crossover, front deltoid raise, oblique crunch, deltoid crossover, triceps extension, leg kickback, one arm row pull up, incline press, and many more.

The BodySolid GDCC200 Functional Training Centre; is an exceptional gym equipment that can be utilized by beginners as well as experienced users to maintain overall fitness. Although this versatile fitness equipment is costly, it is perfectly crafted to deliver remarkable results, and hence it is worth investing the amount for achieving your health objectives.

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