Ball Shaped Fitness Equipments – Medicine Ball, Kettlebell

Ball Shaped Fitness Equipments – Medicine Ball, Kettlebell

Medicine Ball is the oldest fitness equipment used from ancient time for weight training and strength training. It gives total body workouts to develop strength, stability, endurance and muscles power. Medicine ball workouts tone up and grow your body muscles. Training of fitness instructor should take before using medicine ball first time as it is a heavy ball, which can injure you, if handled improperly. Medicine ball exercise can perform in several phases like medicine ball sit-ups, medicine ball push-ups etc.

Sit Ups Exercise with Medicine Ball

Sit ups with Medicine Ball exercise is good to strength your Ab muscles in which the medicine ball is kept on your chest, while your body is in sleeping position and then make sit up slowly to pass on the ball to your partner ready to take the ball from you. That ball again collects from him on return to that position.

Push Ups Exercise with Medicine Ball

Medicine ball Push up is good for strength training for hands and chest. Keep the ball in hands, while moving the feet behind to keep body in straight position and perform the ball pushups moving and bending your arms. During this exercise chest is lowered down to the medicine ball. These push-ups for chest to the ball and back to the normal position are frequently performed for strengthening the arms and chest.

Kettlebell – Types of Kettlebells

Kettlebell is ball shaped cast iron fitness equipment with handle on top. Kettlebell is widely used and found exercise equipment in gym. Swinging movement with Kettlebell gives whole body workout including good cardio workouts and strength training. Different weights and sizes are available in Kettlebell. Two types of Kettlebells such as classic Kettlebells and Pro grade Kettlebells are found in gym. Classic Kettlebells are the Kettlebells increase in size with increasing weight, where as pro grade Kettlebell are the Kettlebells where size remain fix, while increasing the weights and widely used by athletes and weight lifters. Classic Kettlebell is the best for the beginners with the help of fitness trainer to perform stretch and strength exercise. For advanced Kettlebell workouts, pro grade Kettlebell are more preferred.

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