Applications of Gym Equipments – Part 2

Applications of Gym Equipments

Exercise bikes: Exercise bike is great exercise equipment for cardiovascular system. It increases the blood flow and circulates with enhanced rate to the body parts to reduce muscle stress. This is very good for the people suffering from back pain. Its regular exercise improves the spinal movements and gives relief to the lower back ache. Exercise bikes workout is better than running, walking or cycling on road because here on equipment, you will not find any body jerks result in gives 100% workout efficiency. Low to high resistance is a good practice while workouts with exercise bikes. It gives the body flexibility and tuning before going to hard resistant workouts which needs more strength and energy. It gives relief in arthritis.

Weight plates: It is one of the best for weight training exercise. Weight lifters and athletes are frequently attending the strength training exercise to enhance their body strength specifically hands, shoulders, neck and chest. Varieties of weight plates are now available in the market in various sizes and weights. Weight plates can be used with other equipments for exercise like barbells, adjustable dumbbells and multi station gym. One must need proper training of weight plates handling exercise from fitness trainer before doing it own. Heavy weights can make your body damaged. Thus this equipment exercise must be carried out in observation of co-coordinator, partners or fitness trainer only.

Smith Machine: It is an upgraded version of power rack and the safest weight training machine as the machine contains the structure where barbell can be moved in vertical direction with slabs inside the machine due to which body builder can put the barbell in the rack when he finds tired of handling barbell in the mid of exercise. This machine avoids body injury which can be done if barbell and weight plates handle without professional handling experience. Smith machine is best weight training machine for beginners who wants to execute the muscle exercise with safety. Smith machines give total body workouts

Medicine ball: is good for strength exercise and increase the body muscles. Good muscles toning are possible with medicine ball. Medicine ball exercise gives good body stability and endurance. Various types of body exercises like sit ups, pushups are possible with medicine ball.

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