Advantages of Using Recumbent Bikes

You can maintain good health by either exercising at home or by visiting a gym. Nowadays, a wide range of fitness equipments are available; including the recumbent bike. A recumbent bike is a bicycle that allows a person to ride outdoors or exercise indoors, while sitting in a relaxed and reclined position.

Compared to the normal upright bicycles, it is preferable to use recumbent bicycles; as the rider’s weight is uniformly distributed over a larger area; and they also provide better back support. Following are the numerous advantages of using recumbent bikes, mainly due to its ergonomic design.

Recumbent bikes are extremely stable as compared to the upright exercise bikes; hence they are highly preferred by people with balance problems. It is also advisable to use recumbent bikes, for people who cannot perform work outs on an upright exercise bike or a well functional spin bike.

A training session on a recumbent bike will help to lessen the strain on the lower back; thereby allowing the person to exercise continuously for a relatively longer time. You can use a recumbent bicycle for building up the leg muscles and even for toning up the inner thighs.

While exercising on a stationary recumbent bike, you can also do some other activities like watching television, reading a newspaper or attending phone calls; without losing balance or falling down. The recumbent bikes are ergonomically designed to minimize effort and reduce stress. They can be utilized inside your home or in the local gym. It is also a better alternative for exercising outdoors compared to conventional bicycles.

A recumbent bicycle is safe as well as comfortable; and is therefore considered as a relatively better for a home gym. It helps to significantly reduce the body strain, and is therefore recommended for weight loss and increasing stamina. The seat angle helps to avoid pains and injuries related to the hands, neck, arms, lower back, shoulders and wrists. It is also suitable for people with back pain or genito-urinary problems as the pedals are not under the seat.

These recumbent bikes enable the rider to sit in a relaxed manner. This prevents bending or leaning forward while riding. You can thus maintain a better body posture and prevent a shoulder pain and a stiff backache. Using a recumbent bike will even help to avoid numb hands or fingers; that usually occurs after riding an upright bike for many hours.

Recumbent bikes can also decrease saddle sores; since the body weight gets distributed over a larger area. This improves blood circulation to the compressed body parts while riding for long durations. It also helps to prevent the compression of the perineal nerve that runs under the symphysis pubis.

One more remarkable advantage of a recumbent bike is that the legs are positioned much closer to the heart. This posture increases the blood flow, to and from the heart; thereby enhancing your body stamina. You can thus use recumbent bike, one of the best exercise bikes for an excellent cardio workout and also for strengthening your legs.

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