Advantages of Punching Bag Workout

The punching bag is basically a bag which is stuffed with water, sand, etc., and is made of either leather or other synthetic material. This relatively simple exercise equipment is commonly used since ages by boxers for increasing their punching power and enhancing the boxing technique. Hitting this heavy and solid bag that weighs from 40 to 100 lbs requires a lot of physical strength and body stamina. The various advantages of punching bag workout are as follows.

Training and Self Defense

A punching bag is used as a training tool for boxing, and other sports like kickboxing, martial arts, wrestling, etc. This solid bag acts as an opponent and thus helps you to practice punches and kicks. Many self defense training classes teach exercises that can be practiced on these heavy bags.

Strength and Punching Power

Punch bag, in this daily workout world helps to build the arms, shoulders, legs, abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles.  It also strengthens the core and overall body, increases your stamina, and thus enables you to hit and kick powerfully during the subsequent punching bag workouts.

Cardiovascular and Aerobic Fitness

The punching bag exercise assists to make your heart and lungs stronger. And even trains numerous metabolic systems, thereby providing a full body workout. It helps you to perform a low intensity exercise that includes footwork and other body movements while you move around the heavy bag. This aerobic workout improves the functioning of your heart and even increases the oxygen flow.

Weight Loss and Calorie Burning

A punch bag exercise also enables you to lose body weight. Depending on your weight you can burn up to 400 calories in a half an hour workout session.

Body Shaping and Toning

Punch bag training helps to shape your shoulders, biceps, triceps, pectorals, core, abs, waist, back and legs. This enables you to build your overall physique and even tones all the muscle groups according to the level of your heavy bag activity. The resistance you face while hitting the solid bag assists to shape your body and develop the muscles throughout the body. Thus it finally results in enhancing the weak muscles of your body.

Self Confidence and Stress Reduction

Punch bag workout also helps to build your self esteem. The fitness and expertise you develop significantly increases your self confidence. Moreover, it also causes the body to release natural chemicals which acts as painkillers and mood elevators to minimize stress, depression, and body aches caused by this heavy bag exercises.

Body Coordination and Balance

The punch bag exercise involves moving around and hitting the solid bag. This improves the hand and eye coordination and overall balance of your body. It helps to increase your attention on the bag when you move your hands and feet in different angles before punching or kicking. Thus it stabilizes your footwork and avoids losing your balance as a result of sudden movements.

The punching bag is therefore a highly beneficial exercise tool that can also be purchased for a compact home gym as it doesn’t require much of space.

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