Advantages of Exercising Using a Rowing Machine

Rowing is a strength-endurance sport and rowing machine workouts build cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular stamina. 84% of your muscles are used during each stroke. These are an excellent device in weight loss, as you can work every time for extended period of time. Rowing machines are also called an ergo.

The rowing machines can easily fold in just half making them compact and quite easy to store. These can easily fit in the bedroom, cupboard or any other small storage space.

Your entire body benefits in more ways than you can imagine by using the rowing machine. It is a low impact exercise which is not strenuous on the knees and ankles.

People in all capacity and ages can use it to stay fit and healthy. It is beneficial for  people  recovering from an injury or surgery. After an accident it is the right gym equipment for rehabilitation and to improve your condition.

It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety and there is no restriction in using it. It is the best fitness equipment to lose weight. You burn up to 800 calories an hour and since you are sitting down, it barely feels like a work out.

To achieve maximum benefit of rowing machine workout and to prevent injury, it is very important to use the rowing machine with correct technique.  Over using the upper body can lead to injury of the lower back. Proper technique is to use the large leg muscles for  the most part of the drive. It makes your inner core muscles work very hard and gives you firm abs and tones  your stomach area also. Use the arms and the body to finish the stroke.

Rowing machine provides total body exercise which is beneficial for you. It is a demanding workout  that engages all the major body muscles groups in one go, as a result you get a much more efficient workout.

Working  on your major muscles it strengthens  them and improves your stamina, it  also gives you the benefits of aerobic exercise. Not only does it burn those calories enabling you to lose weight but also it is extremely helpful to tone the muscles of the legs, thighs, calves, buttocks and also the shoulders, upper arms and even the waistline. It improves your blood circulation and makes your heart stronger.

You have an option to set the resistance level of its flywheel as per your needs and this helps you to focus on the strength training, weight loss training or cardiovascular exercises. There is no impact on the joints or legs while you are rowing. This is quite nice and efficient from safety point of view. Any long term damage or pain that can be caused by excessive running is easily reduced.

Since it gives a complete workout the experts recommend only thirty minutes a day, two fifteen minute workouts. If done daily you will begin to see the amazing results from this short workout very soon.

Rowing is an enjoyable way to become healthy and feel great.


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