Advantages of Exercising on Rowing Machine

You can stay fit by regularly performing your favorite exercises. Nowadays, both men and women try to lose weight and improve their cardiovascular system; by using suitable training equipments such as the rowing machine. Earlier people had forgotten or avoided this versatile machine; however recently lots of people have realized the various advantages of exercising on a rower machine as described below.

The rower or rowing machine is the perfect equipment for losing weight. It incorporates your whole body and trains large muscle groups of the upper as well as lower body. This powerful machine involves the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, abs, biceps, abdominals, buttocks, thighs, and legs. When the muscles are toned, the metabolism of the body increases and thus helps to burn more fats and reduce fat deposits.

Rowing machines are relatively cheaper and highly effective for strengthening your muscles, and building bone density. They also help to increase the heart rate and enhance heart and lung functioning. The rowing movement helps to shape the inner and outer thighs, the arms, back and gluteus. It involves a unique aerobic exercise that aids to strengthen your back and also improve your posture.

A typical rowing machine is one of the best cardio equipments which enables to develop your arms better by decreasing usage of the legs, and vice versa. You basically imitate the rowing action of pulling and pushing the oars at various resistance levels; as done in a real boat in order to move the rowing machine. The intensity can be changed to make the workout easy or hard. Adjusting the resistance setting on the machine helps to tone the muscles and burn calories.

Rowing machines provide a comprehensive, low-impact workout. Exercising on a rowing machine is virtually risk-free and impact-free; and involves a steady, rhythmic motion of the complete body. An ideal workout can be performed by sitting on a sliding, padded seat and placing the feet against a platform. You have to firmly hold the handle with your hands, and push yourself back with your legs and pull the handle; and continue repeating the actions.

Rowing is an effective exercise since it develops the joints, and helps to quickly produce a natural body lubricant, known as synovial fluid, which assists in maintaining healthy and flexible joints. Hence, physicians often advise patients needing low-impact rehabilitation training, to use rowing machines in order to recover from knee, hip or other joint injuries; as it involves smooth and uniform movements of the full body.

Normally it takes approximately a month, to burn around 100 calories from your body, during a daily 30-minute workout. A long training session will help to burn more calories. A pound of fat is nearly 3500 calories. You can therefore expect to burn between 200 to 250 calories for the same body weight and time; during a rowing machine workout, as compared to other cardio exercises using treadmill or exercise bike. Further as rowing may stress the legs and thigh muscles, it is recommended to exercise only 3 to 4 times a week in order to rest the muscles.

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