Abs Exercise Equipment must for your Workout World

chrome pushupNowadays, people use various abdominal exercise equipments including the following to maintain fitness.

Seated Abs Machine

The seated abs machine is one of the popular exercise equipment that enables you to work your abs, as well as train the gluteus and thigh muscles. Hence it is widely utilized in most of the local gyms.

Horizontal Abs Machine

The horizontal abs machine is just like the abs lounge. This is a great piece of exercise equipment that enables you to easily tone your abdominal muscles.

Abs Wheel

The abs wheel is regarded as one of the most effective abs exercise equipment.  This is due to the fact that it is commonly used in most of the health centers.

Abs Straps

The abs straps is another popular abs exercise equipment which is used for training the lower abs. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the grip strength in order to control the pressure on the abdominal muscles as required.

Abs Rollers

The abs roller is one of the conventional abs exercise equipments. It is widely used by many people since the early days for building the abs muscles.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball, or stability ball is one of the most popular abs exercise equipment. This is due to the fact that they are not stable, and hence they exert more strain on the abs, and also on the lower back muscles. As a result the muscles have to work harder. Further, they even help to improve your body coordination, stability and stamina.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a superb piece of exercise equipment. It is regarded as an easy and effective machine for strengthening your abs, and even for increasing your fortitude. Besides they also help to build your core strength.

Push Up Bars

Lots of men and women utilize the push up bars in order to build their abs, as well as the back, chest, legs, shoulders, triceps, etc. Actually the push up exercise is considered as the perfect exercise for working almost all the muscles of our body. Moreover it also enables us to enhance the core strength.

Core Board

A core board can be used in several different ways. Moreover each and every position enables you to strengthen the abs muscles and even burn more calories. Further, since this versatile exercise equipment involves the core muscles, it also assists to effectively train your core.

Balance TrainerBalance Trainer

The balance trainer is basically half a stability ball that is fixed on a flat rubber base. Besides carrying out the balance exercises, it is also used for performing abdominal workouts.

Floor Mat

The floor mat is considered as the ideal abdominal exercise equipment. This is due to the fact that traditional abdominal exercises are still done on the floor. Actually it is the best way to lose fat around the abs. Moreover you can also perform some crunches during the break time, or before you end up your exercise session. Hence these abs exercise equipment are must for your workout world.

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