5 ‘must have’ Fitness Components for Multiple Exercise Benefits

With a rise in stress levels and unhealthy eating habits it is very important in today’s day and age for people to exercise. Regular exercise helps us stay healthy and de-stress. But in today’s fast paced lives not everyone has the time to go to a gym regularly, but that does not mean we cannot exercise at home with some basic equipments. With the right equipment we can maximize our exercise routine and get the strength training, weight loss and fat burning results that we want.

Some must have fitness components are

1. Resistance bands:

Exercise bands can be helpful for beginners and advanced users alike. These bands come with different levels of resistance, which usually are defined by different colours, which makes it easier for the user to choose one depending on their ability and the type of moves they are doing. Resistance bands help build muscles like hand weights do. These bands are also very easy to store and travel with.

Start by choosing a medium-strength band. The resistance can be increased by folding the bands lengthwise or by holding it closer to the anchor. The user can attach one end of the band to an anchor point instead of folding it and hold the other end in their hand. The user can also put a tight knot in the band and securely close it in a door for a higher anchor point. Likewise the band can be slid under a heavy piece of furniture for a low anchor point. The user must learn to control the bands for maximum muscle toning and to avoid injury. The band should not snap back once the user has reached the top of their move, they should pause and release slowly resisting against the band’s pull.

2. Stability ball:

Exercise balls can be used for a variety of stretches, ab workouts and stability ball exercises. They can also be used with hand weights as balance-challenging benches. When the user sits or lies across an exercise ball, they engage all the muscles in their core to keep themselves supported. A proper exercise ball will help the user work their way to a toned body with a better posture, a healthy spine without any back pain and more definer ab muscles.

3. Dumbbells:

Another must have fitness component are a pair of dumbbells or hand weights. These are great for building muscle and sculpting our body. A pair of 3 pounds and 5 pounds will be enough for a beginner but can later on be increased depending upon the users requirements.

4. Treadmill:

Walking or running on a treadmill (Manual or electronic depending on the users budget) helps its users to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system with included their bones, ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons. Walking or running on a treadmill as a weight-bearing exercise helps exert a pulling force on the users bones that helps prevent age related bone loss. A treadmill also helps tone the leg and buttock muscles of its users.

Using a treadmill to walk or run instead of a pavement has added benefits of reducing the impact on the user’s joints.

5. Yoga mat: 

A yoga mat is a must when exercising. It not only cushions the user from a hard floor, but it also gives a lot more support than a carpet which doing ab workouts, warm-up stretches and floor exercises. These rubbery mats are safer and more comfortable for yoga and Pilates.

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